The ARCADIA Orchestrator supports the deployment and management of distributed reconfigurable-by-design applications over programmable infrastructure. Such applications are developed following the ARCADIA software development paradigm and denoted in the form of a service graph. The ARCADIA Orchestrator support the automated and policy-aware deployment and management of such applications over programmable infrastructure, by exploiting a set of novel technologies. Such technologies include an optimisation framework based on Drools for optimal placement of reconfigurable-by-design applications over programmable infrastructure, a policies enforcement framework based on a Drools rules-management system (Expert System), a set of Software Defined Networking (SDN) mechanisms for overlay routing establishment, a set of novel virtualisation technologies for applications packaging in the form of VMs or unikernels, a set of annotations validation and interpretation mechanisms during runtime and the interconnection of the Orchestrator with a web-based development environment. It should be noted that the ARCADIA Orchestrator is supporting the placement and management of applications denoted in the form of service graphs, including network applications denoted in the form of Virtual Network Functions Forwarding Graphs (VNF-FGs), as defined by the ETSI NFV specifications. A video highlighting the main features of the ARCADIA Orchestrator is available here.