Within in the framework of the project the consortium shall tackle the following objectives:

Objective I: to leverage the re-configurability aspects of highly distributed applications, incorporating technological and business requirements coming from the industry, the research community, the software development enterprises and application users into a flexible and scalable framework for developing and deploying highly distributed applications over programmable and re-configurable infrastructure.

Objective II: to facilitate the design of highly distributed applications over programmable infrastructure, by designing and incorporating a sophisticated Context Model that will conceptualize dynamic configuration and programmable aspects of underlying resources that are required by HDAs along with the associated IDE plugin that will assist Developers use the Context-Model in a “proper” way

Objective III: to facilitate the development, deployment and dynamic configuration of highly distributed applications over programmable infrastructure based on the conceptualization and instantiation of a Reference Framework

Objective IV: to prove the applicability, usability, effectiveness and value of the ARCADIA concepts, models and mechanisms in industrial, real-life networking and computational infrastructures, services and applications, demonstrating and stress-testing the developed ARCADIA artefacts under pragmatic conditions against a predefined set of use cases.

Objective V: to ensure wide communication and scientific dissemination of the innovative ARCADIA results to the research, academic, and international community as well as efficient exploitation and business planning of the ARCADIA concepts and tools to the market in order to identify end-users and potential customers.