AppHub, an H2020 project, funded in part by the European Commission is a non-profit marketplace and a service platform that brings the market to your open source project. AppHub helps the market to seamlessly identify position and implement the software outcomes of your projects. The partners that run and promote AppHub combine unparalleled expertise in open source community management, EU research projects and a breakthrough technology in software asset management.

arcadiaAppHub Directory:
AppHub will build upon the Open Cloud Directory and extend it to encompass a broader range of open source assets, opening it up to non-cloud-oriented projects. The Open Cloud Directory (OCD) also features an extensive classification of the assets it presents through the Open Cloud Interoperability Framework (OCIF). Therefore the OCD provides the necessary background information to evaluate which assets can be used in unison with others, and how they complement each other.

AppHub will be based on the UForge platform. This platform allows software providers to consolidate their software stack into a single, integrated software template and to automatically build, replicate and run simple applications or complex IT solutions across hybrid cloud and virtual environments.

Best Practices are Employed:
Software showcased by AppHub is the result of well managed open source projects. They are encouraged to implement the best practices from leading open source projects. Best practices cover a range of issues concerning software development and project governance.