The second ARCADIA workshop, was held during 12-16 September 2016 at the University of Würzburg, Germay. The workshop ( was supported and initiated by the two EC H2020 projects INPUT & ARCADIA and tt took place in the context of the ITC 28 in Würzburg. ITC 28 was technically co-sponsored by IEEE Communications Society (IEEE ComSoc) and the Information Technology Society within VDE (ITG VDE), and in-cooperation with ACM SIGCOMM.

The continuous growth of Internet content, applications and services has resulted in ever more demanding requirements of computing power, scalability, data processing, data storage, energy consumption and transfer speed. To meet this, one solution is the use of the cloud paradigm for applications and services. The cloud paradigm describes the hosting of services and execution of tasks in the cloud. The cloud offers with this principle the promise of almost unlimited and scalable resources. Thus, more and more application providers adopt their applications and move their solution to the cloud. From the scientific point of view, the cloud paradigm covers a broad range of distributed computing principles as well as related application paradigms, networking approaches or architecture models.

The workshop addresses directly all areas mentioned above. It is intended as a forum for scientists to discuss and present new ideas. The aim is to promote cooperation between scientists and to foster the exchange of knowledge, so that developments and concepts in Cloud Networking can be debated. The PROCON Workshop covers the scientific areas around Cloud Networks, Programmability inside Networks, Cloud and Fog Computing principles, Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization, and Software Engineering approaches for Highly Distributed Applications.

The Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Programmability for Cloud Networks and

Applications can be found here.